The best and the worst

Joe Sanders has the most beautiful garden in our town. […] →Read more

Too late

The plane was late and detectives were waiting at the a […] →Read more

Percy Buttons

I have just moved to a house in Bridge street. Yesterda […] →Read more

No wrong numbers

Mr.James Scott has a garage in Silbury and now he has j […] →Read more

An exciting trip

I have just received a letter from my brother, Tim. He […] →Read more

Please send me a card

Postcards always spoil my holidays. Last summer, I went […] →Read more

A private conversation

Last week I went to the theatre. I had a very good seat […] →Read more

Breakfast or lunch?

It was Sunday. I never get up early on Sundays. I somet […] →Read more


一得往生,则定慧不期得而自得,烦惑不期断而自断。亲炙乎弥陀圣众,游泳乎金地宝池。仗此胜缘,使带业往生者直登不退 […] →Read more


老实头颛蒙念佛,以真信切愿,持佛名号,求生西方之诚,必能与佛感应道交,亲蒙接引,即得带业往生。净土之妙,妙在于 […] →Read more